Best Signals Software for Forex, Crypto and Binary Options Trading (last updated on 21 February 2018)

On our website you can find free information about forex, crypto and binary options trading. We offer trading lessons and strategies for free if you register from our website. Also you can find the most reliable brokers and free signals in the market. Professional traders are charging $200 – $300 per month for forex signals. Click this link to receive Forex Signals for FREE

Trading Signals – What are they and how can you use them?

Trading signals are a form of professional recommendations for traders who may not have the necessary skills or time to conduct the analysis of financial assets themselves.

To succeed in the world of trading many years of experience are needed. Signals can be used as an additional piece of information during the trading process that helps traders decide on their next move.

The signal includes strike price, expiry time, asset and prediction of direction in which the price could move. People can use these signals to confirm their own prediction or to place a trade directly, by using signals software.

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The free FXMasterBot software provides traders with a simply designed, user-friendly trading platform for automated or manual Forex trading, with free signals (trading recommendations) sent to the dashboard of every trader. Also the software allows you to trade binary options.

It was launched on December 2017 and already it is the most recommended signals software on almost all review websites. All traders are searching for trading signals, and if you need premium signals you can have a look at the FXMasterBot.

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– Manual and automated trading signals.

– The most recommended signals software for forex and binary options trading.

– It works with many licensed brokers: iTrader, OT Capital, 24Option, Trade Financial or EuropeFX.

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– Free Ethereum Trading Software.

– Autopilot Trading.

– It is compatible with many licensed brokers.

– Tax Free Profits.

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– CryptoRobot365 is a FREE trading software;

– Automated Cryptocurrency Trading Signals for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Monero, Ethereum, Ripple;

– It Is compatible with many brokers;

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What are Crypto Currency – Bitcoin, Ehtereum, Ripple, Monero?

Cryptocurrency trading is the new trend now, You can trade Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash, Iota, Monero etc… 1 Bitcoin was $1,000 at 1 January 2017, and after one year, the value of a Bitcoin is $10,000.

Ethereum – Currently trading at $866. A $10,000 investment in June 2016 would have made you $955,000. Click here to start trading Ethereum for FREE

Bitcoin – Currently trading at $8,290. If you had invested $10k in bitcoin 5 years ago, you’d be a millionaire. Click here to start trading Bitcoin for FREE

Ripple – With a $10.5 billion market cap, XRP is set to become the next Ethereum. Don’t miss out. Click here to start trading Ripple for FREE

Litecoin – The price of litecoin has more than tripled in the past year. Invest now for a huge return within 12 months. Click here to start trading Litecoin for FREE

Monero – The new currency on the block – a $250 investment a year ago would have made you $4,000! Click here to start trading Monero for FREE

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Forex Brokers on FXMasterBot

The forex signals software works with both licensed and unlicensed brokers, so you need to make sure, before you deposit, that the broker has a valid license.

To use the FXMasterBot, traders are given a choice of more than 10 brokers specialising in Forex or Binary Options trading, to deposit with.

You can select to use iTrader, OT Capital, 24Option, Trade Financial or EuropeFX, which are all brokers licensed by CySEC or ASIC. iTrader is official partner with Manchester City FC and 24option is official partner with Juventus FC.

Trading Accounts

Customers can choose from three types of live trading accounts with different initial deposit requirements. Also you can open a FREE Demo Account use it to practice your trades and perfect your strategies.

Notably, even the most inexperienced person can start out at FXmasterBot without being overwhelmed with multiple trading tools and settings on the trading platform and in the trading software.

No-Risk Demo Account

If you want to see how the free trading software functions without risking real money you can open a FREE Demo Account.

For this reason, a Demo account can be set up in seconds just by giving your name and email address. There’s no obligation to proceed to the next step of setting up a live trading account with OptionRobot.

However, it does give an authentic experience on the trading platform using the free revolutionary software for trading binary options.

Open FREE Demo Account with FXMasterBot

These are the steps to receive the Signals Software for FREE:

1. Sign up for free at the >> FXMasterBot<<. It is highly recommended because it offers free signals (trading recommendations. Professional traders are charging $200 per month for forex signals and you can sign up at the best signals service for free.

2. Login at FXMasterBot and open an account at a broker from their list, I recommend to trade only with licensed brokers like iTrader, OT Capital, 24Option, Trade Financial or EuropeFX, which are all brokers licensed by CySEC or ASIC. iTrader is official partner with Manchester City FC and 24option is official partner with Juventus FC.

3. Start to trade.

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Customer Reward Scheme

A good thing that surprised us at FXMasterBot is the player’s leaderboard. With trading forex and binary options, and by collecting trading points, traders have the option to earn additional cash prizes on the market.

Support for FXMasterBot Customers

Live chat is available for all customers on the FXMasterBot interface during business hours. We saw that anybody can leave a message and get quickly a reply sent to their emails.

Also they have live support on the interface as well as access to the ‘What’s App’ messaging service and ‘Skype’ contact with customer support.

Deposits and Withdrawals at FXMasterBot

The fact that FX MasterBot does not charge customers money to use the revolutionary trading software or its unique trading platform, means that all financial transactions go through a broker.

We stated at the start of this review that there are more than 10 Binary Options or Forex brokers represented on the website and customers must select one or more of these brokers.

Each broker offers 100% secure payment methods that include popular debit/credit cards, digital payment methods and bank transfer. We saw Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and PayPal given on the FXmasterBot website as possible payment options.

Notably, the deposit and withdrawal policies typically vary between brokers and its up to customers to check the terms and conditions before deciding on a broker that meets their personal requirements.

Important things about FXMasterBot

Importantly, traders can access the free FXMasterBot in 13 European languages on desktop or smart mobile devices through their browsers.

Because the software is web-based, there is no need to download apps or any kind of software to a phone, tablet or desktop.

We saw that FXMasterBot makes traders responsible for checking the regulatory status of the listed brokers, as well as their individual terms and conditions.

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